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How to Effectively Use LinkedIn

Last week, we talked about how to build an enhanced profile on LinkedIn. This week, we will take the next logical step and discuss how to use the professional networking site to your advantage. First, I’d like to introduce a phrase we use often here at Pacific Continental Bank: “Market to the fish and not the lake.”

How to Stand Out Among the Crowd on LinkedIn

The following is a guest blog post from Amy Delaney, Pacific Continental Bank vice president and marketing director.

As many of you are aware, Pacific Continental Bank is going through a major transition as we prepare to merge into Columbia Bank. And over the last few years, our employee size has grown considerably through acquisitions of our own as well as local recruitment. 

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The Starting Four for Your Business

Many football fans understand that there are four critical positions on the field that every good team must have to compete for a championship. Those positions are the quarterback, who directs and leads the offense; the weak-side offensive tackle who protects the quarterback’s blindside; a pass rusher to put pressure on the opponent’s QB, and; a coverage cornerback to help disrupt the opponent’s passing attack.

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Making Summer Fun for Employees

To the rest of the country, the Pacific Northwest’s weather is universally known as wet and gray. But to those of us who actually live here, we know the true weather secret of Oregon and Washington – amazing summers.

Yes, the beautiful blue skies, moderate temperatures and low humidity make for a pretty spectacular July, August and September, and make us much more comfortable than the people enduring the blistering weather from Arizona to Alabama.

Interest Rates Are Rising – How Will this Affect the Economy?

In light of recent activity by the Federal Reserve, we are rerunning an updated version of this blog post from last year.

For the third time in the past year, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates.  As such, I thought I’d use this space to talk about what the impact of interest rates can be on our economy, and specifically on small businesses.

First, the most obvious question: why does the Federal Reserve raise and lower interest rates, and what does it mean?  



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