Getting to Know Columbia Bank

As many of you know, Pacific Continental Bank is merging into Columbia Bank of Tacoma, Washington. It is expected that in the fourth quarter of this year, the name on our buildings will change to reflect our new identity.

We thought we would use this space to begin introducing clients and the public to Columbia Bank, and to illustrate the impacts and benefits our newly merged bank will bring to those who live and work in our communities.

Protecting Yourself After the Equifax Security Breach

Many people have heard or read about last week’s announcement that Equifax suffered a major security breach. According to the information released so far, the personal information for 143 million U.S. consumers was compromised, including Social Security numbers, dates of birth, address information, and in many cases, driver’s license and credit card numbers.

Now is the Time to Make a Cyber-Response Plan banner

Now is the Time to Make a Cyber-Response Plan

Over the past year or so, business owners have been subject to an almost constant stream of scary stories about computer fraud and advice about how to protect themselves from the very real threat of financial loss due to fraudulent transactions. It’s a serious problem, and if the statistics are any indication, it’s not one that will be diminishing any time soon. Between ransomware, social engineering, compromised accounts and identity theft, the crooks have found a very successful business model and are doing their best to make life difficult for the rest of us.

How to Protect Your Business from Theft

It’s something no small business really wants to think about, but petty theft of cash and merchandise costs U.S. businesses an estimated $1.4 billion per year. Further, the FBI estimates that most burglars are not caught, and in fact, they often hit the same business more than once. 

This blog post is meant to provide some simple tips small business owners can use to prevent theft and burglary, and is divided into three categories: obvious solutions, less-obvious ones and a special category about protecting against “inside jobs.”

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!

Today, we wish everyone happy and safe viewing of the Great American Eclipse. Please note that our offices will be open regular business hours. 



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